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Yelinmall has updated its system for you to check your orders’ logistics information online. After the seller has dispatched your order and provided the tracking number, you can sign into your account to directly track the delivery details through the “Order Detail” page. The item- tracking system works for the following shipping methods:
• FedEx
You can check the logistics info by clicking “Track Item” under Action on the order tracking page as below shown. Click Here to check the video.

Click "Track item":
• If the logistics info of your order has been updated online, it will be shown as below:

If the tracking info of your order hasn’t been updated online or something is wrong with the tracking number, it will be shown as below, then you can contact your seller to confrim the reason by clicking "Leave Message":

You can also find  “Leave Message” and “Online Chat” button on the order list page.

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